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Web & Mobile Applications

This is website which is currently under-construction. We are adding and updating content on this website continuously. In case you need assistance with any of the aforementioned services, then get in touch using the form (won't work now, because work in progress), so write an email to postmaster at kayman dot biz to get in touch.

Clients & Projects

We will try our best update this section as quickly as we can but no promises.

Litmus, the ultimate email testing solution

We helped good people @ Litmus in solving an Android problem

The Web & IT Group

We wanted to compete but ended up collaborating with them



We share the right amount of craziness and love of Internet to get stuff done

Moniker Guitars

Moniker Guitars

We may not know how to play guitars but we sure can help people in selling them online



We developed PACKY, a system which helps ISPs to monitor and benchmark their access network

Custom Mortgage

We helped them so that they can focus on helping people who want to mortgage their property


We fully credit these guys for introducing Snapchat to us

Looking for new challenges

Always looking forward to opportunity to work on exciting stuff, get in touch for details

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